We offer enthusiasm, wisdom, empathy, optimism and an unmatched ability to pair Production & Learning together to fulfill the unmet needs of your company.

Launch a product. Build a communications campaign. Onboard a field force. Develop workshops with creative overlays. Breathe life into a legacy brand. Elevate an awards ceremony. Give eLearning an edge.

Live or virtual, local or international — with a six-month fuse or a two-week turnaround — DH lives to deliver. A track record of over 1,000 successful NSMs, POAs, new product launches and learning programs says you’ve come to the right place.


  • It’s not the tech stack — it’s the people behind it that make the transition from live to virtual a success.

    DH has long understood how to energize spatial computing and has been offering dynamic ways to reinvent and reimagine live events for the digital stage for well over a decade.

    Whether it’s programming presentation ‘rooms’ with key graphics and branded content, developing remote workshops or executing broadcasts with a strong sense of creativity and community, we know the topography of the digital landscape and can help you attain the highest level of attendee engagement.

    DH has the complete digital toolkit for your virtual solutions, including full-service registration, event streaming and immersive 3D experiences through our proprietary DigiHive platform, in addition to providing hybrid live-streamed events, meeting apps and virtual learning. DigiHiveContact us for a demo!

    • Virtual Meetings
    • Hybrid Meetings
    • Workshops & Breakouts
    • Learning / eLearning
    • Gamification
    • Creative Engagement
    • Digital Brand Activation
    • Onboarding
    • Meeting App
    • Team Building
    • Cohesive Design / Graphics Package
    • Broadcasts
    • AR / VR
    • Webinar / Webcasting
    • Podcasts
    • Digital Strategy
    • Immersive Media
    • Presenter Support
    • Speaker Support


  • All the world's indeed a stage.

    In person or in pixels, DH takes audiences on journeys — rich with information and sentiment — to where possibility turns into endless opportunity.

    Through design, video, music, storytelling, talent and meaningful messaging, we choreograph experiences that continue to resonate and move your people long after their debut.

    • Sales Meetings
    • Product Launches
    • Recognition Meetings
    • Global Meetings
    • Training Meetings
    • Investor Meetings
    • Leadership Meetings
    • Broadcast / Virtual Meetings
    • Press Events
    • Congresses
    • Advisory Board
    • Experiential Activations & Installations
    • Brand & Communication Strategy
    • Employee Engagement
    • Consumer Engagement
    • Production Design
    • Environmental Design
    • Staging, Audio, & Lighting Design
    • Graphics & Speaker Support
    • Copywriting & Speechwriting
    • Speech Coaching
    • Film & Video Production


  • Write this down: Learning is not a spectator sport.

    At DH, we understand that successful commerce doesn’t depend on knowledge – it stems from how knowledge is applied. A combination of insight and activity drives comprehension, behavior change and results.

    All of our approaches to Learning are founded on the same principle: discovering unique and engaging ways to develop customized programs that put training into practice. And practice, as we all know, makes perfect.

    • Learning Strategy
    • Product Launch
    • Live Workshops (NSM, POA, Regional)
    • Virtual Meetings
    • Certifications & Simulations
    • eLearning
    • Gamification
    • Onboarding — New Hire Training
    • Leadership & Professional Development
    • Competency Modeling
    • Sales & Product Training
    • Sustainability Initiatives
    • Measurement, Metrics & Data Analysis