We offer enthusiasm, wisdom, empathy, optimism and an unmatched ability to pair Production & Learning together to fulfill the unmet needs of your company.

Launch a product. Build a communications campaign. Onboard a field force. Develop workshops with creative overlays. Breathe life into a legacy brand. Elevate an awards ceremony. Give eLearning an edge.

Live or virtual, local or international — with a six-month fuse or a two-week turnaround — DH lives to deliver. A track record of over 1,000 successful NSMs, POAs, new product launches and learning programs says you’ve come to the right place.


  • It’s not the tech stack — it’s the people behind it that make the transition from live to virtual a success.

    DH has long understood how to energize spatial computing and has been offering dynamic ways to reinvent and reimagine live events for the digital stage for well over a decade.

    Whether it’s programming presentation ‘rooms’ with key graphics and branded content, developing remote workshops or executing broadcasts with a strong sense of creativity and community, we know the topography of the digital landscape and can help you attain the highest level of attendee engagement.

    • Virtual Meetings
    • Workshops & Breakouts
    • Learning / eLearning
    • Hybrid Studio
    • Gamification
    • Creative Engagement
    • Digital Brand Activation
    • Onboarding
    • Meeting App
    • Team Building
    • Cohesive Design / Graphics Package
    • Broadcasts
    • AR / VR
    • Webinar / Webcasting
    • Podcasts
    • Digital Strategy
    • Immersive Media
    • Presenter Support
    • Speaker Support


  • All the world's indeed a stage.

    In person or in pixels, DH takes audiences on journeys — rich with information and sentiment — to where possibility turns into endless opportunity.

    Through design, video, music, storytelling, talent and meaningful messaging, we choreograph experiences that continue to resonate and move your people long after their debut.

    • Sales Meetings
    • Product Launches
    • Recognition Meetings
    • Global Meetings
    • Training Meetings
    • Investor Meetings
    • Leadership Meetings
    • Broadcast / Virtual Meetings
    • Press Events
    • Congresses
    • Advisory Board
    • Experiential Activations & Installations
    • Brand & Communication Strategy
    • Employee Engagement
    • Consumer Engagement
    • Production Design
    • Environmental Design
    • Staging, Audio, & Lighting Design
    • Graphics & Speaker Support
    • Copywriting & Speechwriting
    • Speech Coaching
    • Film & Video Production


  • Write this down: Learning is not a spectator sport.

    At DH, we understand that successful commerce doesn’t depend on knowledge – it stems from how knowledge is applied. A combination of insight and activity drives comprehension, behavior change and results.

    All of our approaches to Learning are founded on the same principle: discovering unique and engaging ways to develop customized programs that put training into practice. And practice, as we all know, makes perfect.

    • Learning Strategy
    • Product Launch
    • Live Workshops (NSM, POA, Regional)
    • Virtual Meetings
    • Certifications & Simulations
    • eLearning
    • Gamification
    • Onboarding — New Hire Training
    • Leadership & Professional Development
    • Competency Modeling
    • Sales & Product Training
    • Sustainability Initiatives
    • Measurement, Metrics & Data Analysis