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DH’s tailored blend of Production & Learning has been connecting
people to big ideas and to one another for three decades.

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We turn goals into passion, products into causes, and ideas into movements.

A practice, not a promise.

There’s a reason DH keeps clients for decades: they know we understand the difference between listening and hearing — between possibility and pretense — between true partnership and passing fancies. Why? Because we’ve proved our savvy and prowess to them by creating ROI for 29 years running.

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Passion + performance.

In an environment where commanding attention is a difficult task, DH makes engagement a priority — with stories that have your audience on the edge of their seats, and creative that connects to both the head and the heart.

Across global sales meetings and in locally-executed live workshops — during recognition events and on social media — DH turns your audiences into ambassadors and your investment into measurable results.

To teach + inspire.

What does it take to master new skills? At DH we believe that in order to learn, you must first be inspired.


That’s why we have a holistic approach for each organization in regard to the experiences we design. Teaching is as much an opportunity to grow, connect with peers, and build company culture as it is a tool for conveying information.

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Our proprietary learning tools, insights and skill set can supply your programs with a unique and powerful blend of data, cultural assessment, emotional intelligence and behavior change.

With DH, Learning is both effective and engaging, driving results far beyond any single meeting.

A world-class team. Lasting relationships. Global brands.

Our work makes your work better.

Give your experiences a mindful edge.

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